Company Database Linking Matrix

The grid illustrates how to link companies between datasets on the WRDS platform. For an alternative format, visit the WRDS Database Linking Tool. To link people between datasets on the WRDS platform, use the WRDS People Link.

This linking information represents our general recommendations. Researchers should adjust linking methods to suit their specific research needs. Please reach out to the WRDS Research Team at WRDS Support if you have suggestions to improve the linking outcome.

CRSP Compustat Thomson / Refinitiv
  • Linking within the CRSP Environment
  • MFLINKs for Mutual Fund Linking
  • Linking through CUSIP
  • 13F Linking Program
  • Linking within the Compustat Environment using GVKEY
  • Link through CUSIP
Capital IQ
  • CIQ company ID linked to GVKEY and then to CRSP
  • Link through CUSIP, ISIN or Ticker
  • Link through CRSP
Audit Analytics
  • Link through Compustat
  • Link through CIK Link (primary)
  • Link through Ticker (secondary)
  • Link through Compustat
Bond:TRACE/Mergent FISD
  • Link through CRSP
  • Link through CRSP
Bureau van Dijk
  • Link through ISIN (CUSIP) for US Companies
  • Link through CRSP
  • Link through ISIN or SEDOL
  • Link through CRSP
ISS: Institutional Shareholder Services
  • Link REDCODE with CUSIP (CDS)
  • Link DXLID with CUSIP (SecFin: US)
  • Link DXLID with ISIN (SecFin: Global)
  • Link through CRSP (US)
  • Link through ISIN or SEDOL (International)
  • Link through CRSP
  • CIK-CUSIP Link
  • GVKEY-CIK Link
  • Link through CRSP or Compustat
  • Link through CRSP
Thomson / Refinitiv
  • Linking through CUSIP
  • MFLINKs for Mutual Fund Linking
  • 13f Linking Program
  • Link using Compustat IBES/GVKEY linking table
  • Link using CRSP's CUSIP
  • Link using ISIN (for Compustat Global)

This page will be updated as we document new links. If you would like to offer a way to link datasets that we have not yet documented, contact the Research Team using WRDS Support to provide us with this valuable feedback.