Linking Ravenpack with Compustat

Using WRDS to connect RavenPack data with Compustat data

Linking RavenPack with Compustat (NA)

RavenPack (/wrds/ravenpack/sasdata/) is a database that extracts information on named entities with sentiment, and financially-relevant events from the unstructured content of thousands of publications. In WRDS, RavenPack contains a file named WRDS_COMPANY_NAMES (/wrds/ravenpack/sasdata/common) that contains the identifiers ( RP_ENTITY_ID, ISIN, CUSIP, and TICKER). Ravenpack’s CUSIP (9-character cusip) could be used to link with Compustat’s CUSIP (9-character cusip). This sample code shows the procedure:

proc sql;
create table raven_comp as select unique
a.rp_entity_id, b.cusip, b.gvkey
from rpna.wrds_company_names(where=(cusip ne '')) as a, 
     comp.names(where=(cusip ne ''))  as b
where a.cusip = b.cusip;

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Linking RavenPack with Compustat Global

To link RavenPack data with Compustat Global data, begin by using the RavenPack WRDS_COMPANY_NAMES file as shown in the instructions above. Then, merge the WRDS_COMPANY_NAMES with the Compustat Global data by using the ISIN. The following sample code shows the procedure for linking the identifiers of both databases:

proc sql;
create table raven_compg as select unique
a.rp_entity_id, a.isin, b.gvkey
from rpna.wrds_company_names(where=(isin ne '')) as a, 
     compg.names_g(where=(isin ne ''))  as b
where a.isin = b.isin;

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