Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what we collect, what we may do with it, and why.

Overall Privacy Statement

Wharton Research Data Services and The Wharton School understands that the collection and dissemination of personally identifiable information may be of concern to users of the site. Because we gather certain types of information, users should fully understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and release of that information.

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Information Gathered

The site's User Account Application requires users to provide contact information such as name, university, position and e-mail address. Additional items may be necessary to provide including faculty information and date for end of term or graduation.

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Use of Information

WRDS’ uses User and other information to identify the dominant areas of interest of users and better prepare future content of the site. The main goal is to constantly improve the value of the site and to protect the security of the entire WRDS system.

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Advisory emails

Occasionally, WRDS will send emails to advise users of additional databases, changes within the site or information that may be otherwise helpful.

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Sharing of Information

WRDS generally does not share personally identifiable information with any other entities. However, users are advised that information maintained by WRDS may be disclosed in connection with judicial or administrative proceedings or if in the sole discretion of WRDS disclosure is necessary to protect WRDS or the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania. Aggregate information may be shared with the data vendor partners of WRDS in order to provide statistics of users who utilize the service, and user details may be shared to determine compliance with data licensing terms.

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Contact Information

We prefer that correspondence come through email.
If you need general information on WRDS, database information, vendor contact information or additional assistance with specific uses of data and data questions, please send an email message to

Our postal address is:

Wharton Research Data Services
St. Leonard's Court, Suite 300
3819 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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