Linking DealScan with Worldscope

Using WRDS to connect Refinitiv DealScan and Worldscope data

About the Linking Method

Equity identifiers, such as CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL and IBES tickers are linked to DealScan borrowers through a fuzzy name-matching algorithm based on company identities primarily from Worldscope. An earlier version of this data has been used in following paper:

Beyhaghi, et al. "International Lending: The Role of Lender’s Home Country," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Forthcoming.

To acknowledge the contributions of the manual verification tasks and unqiue algorithm, we would suggest users of this data cite above work. The data will be automatically updated based on the trained matching algorithm and verification procedure.

To use the following web query, users must have subscriptions to both DealScan and Worldscope.

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