Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) provides the leading business intelligence, data analytics, and research platform to global institutions—enabling historical analysis and insight into the latest innovations in academic research.

Benefits & Solutions


From the classroom to the boardroom, WRDS enables comprehensive thought leadership — key data sources, analytics tools, curated research guides, flexible data delivery, and doctoral-level support gives users the power to analyze complex information.

WRDS democratizes data access so that all disciplines — Accounting, Banking, Economics, ESG, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Marketing, and Statistics — can easily search for concepts across the data repository.

Partnering with global vendors, WRDS hosts 350+TB of data — the broadest collection of data on the most robust computing infrastructure to give users the power to analyze complex information at speeds of up to 400MB per second.

Our rigorous data review and validation give users the confidence to tailor research and create a wide range of reliable data models. WRDS’ unique array of resources and services include access to a suite of Analytics tools developed by our doctoral-level research team, tutorials, research support. Learning Pathways by WRDS provide curated, guided, online resources for Researchers, Instructors, and Information Professionals. Through Data, Analytics, Research and Technology, approach your research using real-world examples and advance your analysis to answer the most critical questions with your data.

Supporting over 75,000 commercial, academic, and government users at 500+ institutions in 38 countries, WRDS is the global gold standard in data management, innovative tools, analytics, and research services — all backed by the credibility and leadership of the Wharton School.


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