Linking Worldscope with Datastream

Below are web queries created by WRDS to link Worldscope and Datastream.

About the Linking Method

The WRDS Worldscope Datastream Link uses three distinct Refinitiv Quantitative Analytics (QAD) data products: Datastream, Worldscope, and Core Tables. Through QAD core tables, the stock identifiers from Datastream (infocode) and the company identifiers from Worldscope (code) are mapped together.

For additional information about the linking methodology, please refer to the following white paper:

Dai, Rui and Drechsler, Qingyi (Freda) Song, Research Guide for Datastream and Worldscope at Wharton Research Data Services (May 11, 2021).

Users must have a subscription to Worldscope and Datastream to use this web query.

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