Changing Your Institution - Account Transfer

As researchers progress in their careers, they sometimes change institutions and account types. For example, you may currently be a PhD candidate at one WRDS-subscribing institution, and then graduate and become faculty at a different WRDS-subscribing institution.

In these cases, there is no need to request a new account at your new institution. You can simply request that your existing account, along with all your files and directories, be moved to your new institution.

Before you begin

Before submitting the form below, please make sure you already have an email account registered with your new institution. The WRDS Representative(s) at your new institution will review the request.

After the transfer is approved and our system has moved your account, you will receive an email at both your old and new institutional email addresses. In most cases, the biggest change you can expect when using WRDS is to have access to different products. We recommend reviewing the products available to you at your new institution.

Please enter your existing username.
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