Linking Sustainalytics with IBES

Using WRDS to connect Sustainalytics data with IBES earnings estimates data

About the Linking Methods

There are two methods for linking Sustainalytics data with IBES earnings estimates data:

  1. One method is to match the IBES data with Compustat data. Begin by matching CRSP with Compustat via the CCM (CRSP-Compustat Merge Database) product. Then, after adding GVKEY to CRSP data, link to Sustainalytic’s companies by using the procedure described in the Linking Sustainalytics with Compustat documentation.
  2. Another option is to take advantage of Sustainalytics’ REFERENCE_DATA that contains the Sustainalytics CUSIP, and Ticker. With this method, a direct match between Sustainalytics and IBES data can be accomplished, because the IBES files contain both CUSIP and Ticker.

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