S&P Global Market Intelligence

WRDS provides access to Compustat-Capital IQ data from Standard & Poor's.

  • Compustat North America
  • Compustat Global
  • Compustat Snapshot
  • S&P Global Ratings
  • SNL Financial Institution data
  • Capital Structure
  • Key Developments
  • People Intelligence
  • Transactions
  • Transcripts

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S&P Global Market Intelligence, formerly S&P Capital IQ and SNL Financial, is a division of S&P Global (NYSE:SPGI). The firm is a leading provider of financial and industry data, research, news and analytics to investment professionals, government agencies, corporations, and universities worldwide. S&P Global Market Intelligence integrates news, comprehensive market and sector-specific data and analytics into a variety of tools to help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, understand competitive and industry dynamics, perform valuation and assess credit risk.

For more information: www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence

Legacy Data Dictionary


Product Description
ciq_capstrct Capital IQ Capital Structure
ciq_common Capital IQ Helper
ciq_keydev Capital IQ Key Developments
ciq_pplintel Capital IQ People Intelligence
ciq_ratings Capital IQ Ratings
ciqsamp_capstrct Capital IQ Sample Capital Structure
ciqsamp_common Capital IQ Sample Helper
ciqsamp_keydev Capital IQ Sample Key Developments
ciqsamp_pplintel Capital IQ Sample People Intelligence
ciqsamp_ratings Capital IQ Sample Ratings
ciqsamp_transactions CIQ Transactions Sample
ciqsamp_transcripts Capital IQ Sample Transcripts
ciq_transactions Capital IQ Transactions
ciq_transcripts Capital IQ Transcripts
comp_bank S&P Compustat Bank
comp_bank_daily Compustat Bank - daily updates
comp_execucomp S&P Compustat Executive Compensation
comp_filings S&P Filing Dates
comp_gics None
comp_global S&P Compustat Global
comp_global_daily Compustat Global - daily updates
comp_global_legacy Compustat Legacy - Global
comp_na_annual_all S&P Compustat North America - annual update (current + historical data)
comp_na_daily_all Compustat North America - daily updates (current + historical data)
comp_na_daily_current Compustat North America - daily updates (current data only)
comp_na_legacy Compustat Legacy - North America
comp_na_monthly_all S&P Compustat North America - monthly update (current + historical data)
comp_na_monthly_current S&P Compustat North America - monthly update (current data only)
comp_ph S&P Compustat Preliminary History (Charter Oaks)
comp_pit S&P Compustat Point in Time (Charter Oaks)
comp_ratings S&P Ratings - legacy
compsamp_all S&P Compustat North America Sample
compsamp_snapshot Compustat Snapshot - Sample
comp_segments_hist S&P Compustat Historical Segments
comp_segments_hist_daily Compustat Historical Segments - daily updates
comp_snapshot Compustat Snapshot
comp_urq S&P Compustat Unrestated Quarterly (Charter Oaks)
snl_br SNL Bank Regulatory
snl_fundamentals SNL Fundamentals (all industries)
snlsamp_fig SNL Samples


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