Try out the WRDS system!

Experience WRDS point-and-click web interface through our demos. Or look at a sample data output: fixed-width text, comma-delimited text, HTML. We also produce output in other formats such as tab-delimited text, SAS and dBase, with and without zip compression.

Sample Datasets on WRDS

To see a glimpse of the data provided on WRDS, you can view a web query and sample data from one of the data vendor links provided below. The data that is produced in these demos is only an example of the type of data that can be extracted. Subscribers to WRDS and the included databases have full access to the data.

The most comprehensive collection of security pricing & distribution data.
Accounting and financial data items on more than 25,000 publicly held companies.
Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S
Analysts' earnings estimates and recommendations, and actual reported earnings.
Bureau van Dijk (Amadeus)
A pan-European financial database which contains up to 10 years of detailed information on financial statements.
Bureau van Dijk (OSIRIS)
Osiris is a database containing financial information on globally listed public companies, including banks and insurance firms from over 120 countries.