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Library: bvd
File: os_fin_bnk
Update Schedule: Quarterly

Variable Reference

Variable Name Data Type Variable Description Help
audstat Audit Status Help
caics12cod NAICS Core Code Help
cik Current CIK Number Help
city City Help
closdate Company Fiscal Year End Date Help
cnacecd NACE Rev 1, Core Code Help
cntrycde Country Code Help
consol_code Consolidation Code Help
country Country Name Help
csicuscde US SIC, Core Code Help
currency Currency Help
data35951 Return on Shareholders Funds (%) Help
data35952 Profit Margin (%) Help
data35953 Return on Total Assets (%) Help
data35954 Current ratio Help
data35955 Solvency ratio (%) Help
data44001 Loan Loss Res. / Gross Loans (%) Help
data44002 Loan Loss Prov. / Net Int. Rev. (%) Help
data44003 Loan Loss Res. / Non Perf. Loans (%) Help
data44004 Non Perf. Loans / Gross Loans (%) Help
data44005 NCO / Average Gross Loans (%) Help
data44006 NCO / Net Inc. Bef. Ln Lss Prov. (%) Help
data44007 Tier 1 Ratio (%) Help
data44008 Total Capital Ratio (%) Help
data44009 Equity / Tot. Assets (%) Help
data44010 Equity / Net Loans (%) Help
data44011 Equity / Cust. & ST Funding (%) Help
data44012 Equity / Liabilities (%) Help
data44013 Cap. Funds / Tot. Assets (%) Help
data44014 Cap. Funds / Net Loans (%) Help
data44015 Cap. Funds / Cust. & ST Funding (%) Help
data44016 Cap. Funds / Liabilities (%) Help
data44017 Subord Debt / Cap. Funds (%) Help
data44018 Net Interest Margin (%) Help
data44019 Net Int. Rev. / Avg Assets (%) Help
data44020 Oth. Op. Inc. / Avg Assets (%) Help
data44021 Non Int. Exp. / Avg Assets (%) Help
data44022 Pre-Tax Op. Inc. / Avg Assets (%) Help
data44023 Non Op. Items & Taxes / Avg Ast (%) Help
data44024 Return On Avg Assets (ROAA) (%) Help
data44025 Return On Avg Equity (ROAE) (%) Help
data44026 Dividend Pay-Out (%) Help
data44027 Inc. Net Of Dist. / Avg Equity (%) Help
data44028 Non Op. Items / Net Income (%) Help
data44029 Cost To Income Ratio (%) Help
data44030 Recurring Earning Power (%) Help
data44031 Interbank Ratio (%) Help
data44032 Net Loans / Tot. Assets (%) Help
data44033 Net Loans / Cust. & ST Funding (%) Help
data44034 Net Loans / Tot. Dep. & Bor. (%) Help
data44035 Liquid Assets / Cust. & ST Funding (%) Help
data44036 Liquid Assets / Tot. Dep. & Bor. (%) Help
data44037 Impaired Loans / Equiity Help
data44038 Unreserved Impaired Loans / Equiity Help
data45020 Loans Sub 3 months Help
data45030 Loans 3-6 months Help
data45040 Loans 6 months-1year Help
data45060 Loans 1-5 years Help
data45070 Loans 5 years + Help
data45080 Loans (No split available) Help
data45100 Loans to Municipalities / Government Help
data45110 Mortgages Help
data45120 HP / Lease Help
data45130 Other Loans Help
data45150 Loans to Group Companies / Assoc. Help
data45160 Loans to Other Corporate Help
data45170 Loans to Banks Help
data45190 Total Customer Loans Help
data45195 Problem Loans Help
data45210 Overdue Loans Help
data45220 Restructured Loans Help
data45230 Other non-performing Loans Help
data45240 Total Problem Loans Help
data45260 General Loan Loss Reserves Help
data45270 Specific Loan Loss Reserves Help
data45280 Loan Loss Reserves Help
data45285 Loan Loss Reserves (Previously Deducted) Help
data45300 Trust Account Lending Help
data45310 Other Lending Help
data45320 Total Other Lending Help
data45330 Total Loans - Net Help
data45350 Deposits with banks Help
data45360 Due from Central Banks Help
data45370 Due from Other Banks Help
data45380 Due from Other Credit Institutions Help
data45410 Government Securities Help
data45420 Other Listed Securities Help
data45430 Non-Listed Securities Help
data45440 Other Securities Help
data45450 Investment Securities Help
data45460 Trading Securities Help
data45470 Total Securities Help
data45490 Treasury Bills Help
data45500 Other Bills Help
data45510 Bonds Help
data45520 CDs Help
data45530 Equity Investments Help
data45540 Other Investments Help
data45560 Total Other Earning Assets Help
data45580 Cash and Due from Banks Help
data45590 Deferred Tax Receivable Help
data45600 Intangible Assets Help
data45610 Other Non-Earning Assets Help
data45620 Total Non Earning Assets Help
data45640 Land and Buildings Help
data45650 Other Tangible Assets Help
data45660 Total Fixed Assets Help
data45670 Total Assets Help
data45920 Deposits - Demand Help
data45925 Deposits - Savings Help
data45930 Deposits - Sub 3 months Help
data45940 Deposits - 3-6 months Help
data45950 Deposits - 6 months-1year Help
data45970 Deposits - 1-5 years Help
data45980 Deposits - 5 years + Help
data45990 Deposits (No split available) Help
data46000 Customer Deposits Help
data46010 Municipalities / Government Deposits Help
data46030 Other Deposits Help
data46050 Commercial Deposits Help
data46060 Banks Deposits Help
data46080 Total Deposits Help
data46100 Certificates of Deposit Help
data46110 Commercial Paper Help
data46120 Debt Securities Help
data46130 Securities Loaned Help
data46140 Other Securities Help
data46150 Other Negotiable Instruments Help
data46160 Total Money Market Funding Help
data46180 Convertible Bonds Help
data46190 Mortgage Bonds Help
data46200 Other Bonds Help
data46210 Subordinated Debt Help
data46220 Hybrid Capital Help
data46230 Other Funding Help
data46240 Total Other Funding Help
data46260 General Loan Loss Reserves Help
data46270 Other Non Equity Reserves Help
data46280 Total Loan Loss & Other Reserves Help
data46285 Other Liabilities Help
data46290 Total Liabilities Help
data46310 General Banking Risk Help
data46320 Retained Earnings Help
data46330 Other Equity Reserves Help
data46340 Minority Interests Help
data46350 Total Equity Reserves Help
data46370 Preference Shares Help
data46380 Common Shares Help
data46390 Total Share Capital Help
data46400 Total Equity Help
data46410 Total Liabilities and Equity Help
data46510 Interest Income Help
data46520 Interest Expense Help
data46530 Net Interest Revenue Help
data46540 Commision Income Help
data46550 Commision Expense Help
data46560 Net Commission Revenue Help
data46570 Fee Income Help
data46580 Fee Expense Help
data46590 Net Fee Income Help
data46600 Trading Income Help
data46610 Trading Expense Help
data46620 Net Trading Income Help
data46630 Other Operating Income Help
data46640 Total Operating Income Help
data46650 Personnel Expenses Help
data46660 Other Admin Expenses Help
data46670 Other Operating Expenses Help
data46680 Goodwill Write-off Help
data46690 Loan Loss Provisions Help
data46700 Other Provisions Help
data46710 Total Operating Expense Help
data46720 Non-Operating Income Help
data46730 Non-Operating Expense Help
data46740 Extraordinary Income Help
data46750 Extraordinary Expense Help
data46760 Exceptional Income Help
data46770 Exceptional Expense Help
data46780 Pre-Tax Profit Help
data46790 Taxes Help
data46800 Post Tax Profit Help
data46810 Transfer to/(from) fund for gen. bank. risks Help
data46815 Published Net Income Help
data46820 Preference Dividends Help
data46830 Other Dividends Help
data46840 Other Distributions Help
data46850 Retained Income Help
data46860 Minority Interest Help
data47020 Tier 1 Capital Help
data47030 Total Capital Help
data47040 Tier 1 Capital Ratio Help
data47050 Total Capital Ratio Help
data47070 Acceptances Help
data47080 Documentary Credits Help
data47090 Guarantees Help
data47100 Other Help
data47110 Total Contingent Liabilities Help
data47130 Gross Charge offs Help
data47140 Write Offs Help
data47150 Write backs Help
data47160 Net Charge offs Help
data47170 Number of Branches Help
data47180 Number of Employees Help
email Email Address Help
exrate_usd Exchange Rate to US$ Help
fax Fax Help
icb Industrial Classification Benchmark Help
inactdate Date Became Inactive Help
inactdate_day Day Inactive Help
inactdate_month Month Inactive Help
inactdate_year Year Inactive Help
incordte Incorp. Date (Original Value) Help
incordte_day Day of Incorp. Help
incordte_month Month of Incorp. Help
incordte_year Year of Incorp. Help
independ BvD Independence Indicator Help
isin Current ISIN Number Help
iso_curr Currency of the Statement Help
lastyr Latest Available Year Help
listed Listed/Unlisted/Delisted status Help
lstaccdat Lastest Statement Date Help
lstaccdat_day Lastest Statement Day Help
lstaccdat_month Lastest Statement Month Help
lstaccdat_year Lastest Statement Year Help
months Number of Months Covered Help
name Company Name Help
name_chg Name Change Date Help
name_chg_day Name Change Day-of-Month Help
name_chg_month Name Change Month Help
name_chg_year Name Change Year Help
numadv Number of Advisors Help
nummg Number of Managers Help
numyears Number Years of Financial Data Help
os_id_number BvD ID Number Help
phone Phone Help
postcode Postal Code Help
provcode Province Help
prv_name Previous Company Name Help
reldate_sas BvD Data Release Date Help
source Data Source Help
status Company Status Help
stockxch Main Stock Exchange Help
ticker Current Ticker Symbol Help
tmplcat Template Category Help
tmplname Template Name Help
typeacc Type of Statement Available Help
unit Unit Help
valor Current Valor Number Help
wvbnumbr Current WvB Number Help
www Web Site Address Help

Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing provides an extensive suite of financial databases. Available at this web site are: (1) AMADEUS, which includes over 5,000,000 European private and public companies, (2) BankScope, which has financial data on 13,000 banks worldwide, and (3) OSIRIS with financial data on over 38,000 globally listed companies.

Path on WRDS Server: /wrds/crsp/sasdata/a_stock

File Name Description
BVD : AMA_L [ /wrds/bvd/sasdata/ama_l ]
ACTIVITIES_L activities - Large
AMADEUS_L Amadeus Profile Information, Large
AUDITORS_L auditors - Large
BANKERS_L bankers - Large
COMPANY_L Company - Large
FINANCIALS_L Annual Financial Data - Large Companies
ISH_DUO_GUO_L ish_duo_guo - Large
MANAGERS_L managers - Large
OVERVIEW_L overview - Large
SHAREHOLDERS_L shareholders - Large
STOCK_ANNUAL_L stock_annual - Large
STOCK_CURRENT_L stock_current - Large
STOCK_INDEXES_L stock_indexes - Large
STOCK_INFO_L stock_info - Large
STOCK_MONTHLY_L stock_monthly - Large
STOCK_PLACES_L stock_places - Large
STOCK_WEEKLY_L stock_weekly - Large
SUBSIDIARIES_L subsidiaries - Large
WEBSITES_L websites - Large
BVD : AMA_M [ /wrds/bvd/sasdata/ama_m ]
ACTIVITIES_M activities - Medium Sized
AMADEUS_M Amadeus Profile Information, Medium-Sized
AUDITORS_M auditors - Medium Sized
BANKERS_M bankers - Medium Sized
COMPANY_M Company - Medium Sized
FINANCIALS_M Annual Financial Data - Medium-Sized Companies
ISH_DUO_GUO_M ish_duo_guo - Medium Sized
MANAGERS_M managers - Medium Sized
OVERVIEW_M overview - Medium Sized
SHAREHOLDERS_M shareholders - Medium Sized
STOCK_ANNUAL_M stock_annual - Medium Sized
STOCK_CURRENT_M stock_current - Medium Sized
STOCK_INDEXES_M stock_indexes - Medium Sized
STOCK_INFO_M stock_info - Medium Sized
STOCK_MONTHLY_M stock_monthly - Medium Sized
STOCK_PLACES_M stock_places - Medium Sized
STOCK_WEEKLY_M stock_weekly - Medium Sized
SUBSIDIARIES_M subsidiaries - Medium Sized
WEBSITES_M websites - Medium Sized
BVD : AMA_S [ /wrds/bvd/sasdata/ama_s ]
ACTIVITIES_S activities - Small
AMADEUS_S Amadeus Profile Information, Small
AUDITORS_S auditors - Small
BANKERS_S bankers - Small
COMPANY_S Company - Small
FINANCIALS_S Annual Financial Data - Small Companies
ISH_DUO_GUO_S ish_duo_guo - Small
MANAGERS_S managers - Small
OVERVIEW_S overview - Small
SHAREHOLDERS_S shareholders - Small
STOCK_ANNUAL_S stock_annual - Small
STOCK_CURRENT_S stock_current - Small
STOCK_INDEXES_S stock_indexes - Small
STOCK_INFO_S stock_info - Small
STOCK_MONTHLY_S stock_monthly - Small
STOCK_PLACES_S stock_places - Small
STOCK_WEEKLY_S stock_weekly - Small
SUBSIDIARIES_S subsidiaries - Small
WEBSITES_S websites - Small
BVD : AMA_V [ /wrds/bvd/sasdata/ama_v ]
ACTIVITIES_V activities - Very Large
AMADEUS_V Amadeus Profile Information, Very Large
AUDITORS_V auditors - Very Large
BANKERS_V bankers - Very Large
COMPANY_V Company - Very Large
FINANCIALS_V Annual Financial Data - Very Large Companies
ISH_DUO_GUO_V ish_duo_guo - Very Large
MANAGERS_V managers - Very Large
OVERVIEW_V overview - Very Large
SHAREHOLDERS_V shareholders - Very Large
STOCK_ANNUAL_V stock_annual - Very Large
STOCK_CURRENT_V stock_current - Very Large
STOCK_INDEXES_V stock_indexes - Very Large
STOCK_INFO_V stock_info - Very Large
STOCK_MONTHLY_V stock_monthly - Very Large
STOCK_PLACES_V stock_places - Very Large
STOCK_WEEKLY_V stock_weekly - Very Large
SUBSIDIARIES_V subsidiaries - Very Large
WEBSITES_V websites - Very Large
BVD : BS [ /wrds/bvd/sasdata/bs ]
BS_BANK Bank Information
BS_COMPANIONS Company Information
BS_DIRECTORS Bankscope - Directors Information
BS_FINANCIALS Financials information
BS_ISH_GUO_DUO Ownership - Immediate, Global Ultimate, and Domestic Ownership
BS_STOCK_INFO Stock Information
BVD : IS [ /wrds/bvd/sasdata/is ]
IS_ALSOKNOWN ISIS companies - Also Known Names
IS_AUDITORS ISIS Companies - Auditors
IS_DUO ISIS companies - Domestic Ultimate Owner Information
IS_FIN_COM ISIS Composite Ins. Annual Financial Data
IS_FIN_LIF ISIS Life Ins. Annual Financial Data
IS_FIN_NL ISIS Non-Life Ins. Annual Financial Data
IS_FORMERKNOWN ISIS Companies - Former Names
IS_GEN ISIS General Information
IS_IO ISIS companies - Immediate Owner
IS_MANAGERS ISIS Companies - Managers
IS_OWNHDR ISIS Ownership Header Data
IS_SHH ISIS companies - Owneres/Shareholders
IS_STOCK_EXCHANGES Stock Exchanges for each stock
IS_STOCK_HEADER Stock Header Information
IS_STOCK_INDEXES Stock Indexes containing each stock
IS_STOCK_RATIOS Yearly Ratios for BankScope Stock Data
IS_STOCK_WEEKLY BankScope Stock - Weekly Data
IS_SUB ISIS Companies - Subsidiaries
IS_UO ISIS Companies - Ultimate Owner(s)
BVD : OS [ /wrds/bvd/sasdata/os ]
OS_ACTIV_NACE2SCDE Secondary NACE 2 code(s)
OS_ACTIV_NACESCDE Secondary NACE 1 code(s)
OS_ACTIV_NAICS07CDE Secondary US NAICS code(s)
OS_ACTIV_NAICS12CDE Secondary US NAICS code(s)
OS_ACTIV_PNACE2CD Other Primary NACE 2 code(s)
OS_ACTIV_PNACECD Other Primary NACE 1 code(s)
OS_DO Osiris Domestic Ultimate Owner
OS_FIN_BNK OSIRIS Banks Annual Financial Data
OS_FIN_COM OSIRIS Composite Ins. Annual Financial Data
OS_FIN_IND OSIRIS Industrial Annual Financial Data
OS_FIN_LIF OSIRIS Life Ins. Annual Financial Data
OS_FIN_NL OSIRIS Non-Life Ins. Annual Financial Data
OS_GEN OSIRIS General Descriptive Information
OS_GEN_ADVISOR OSIRIS Advisor Information
OS_GEN_MANAGER OSIRIS Manager Information
OS_IO Osiris Immediate Owner
OS_SHH Osiris Shareholder data
OS_STOCK_EXCHANGES Stock Exchanges for each stock
OS_STOCK_HEADER Stock Header Information
OS_STOCK_INDEXES Stock Indexes containing each stock
OS_STOCK_RATIOS Yearly Ratios for BankScope Stock Data
OS_SUB Osiris Subsidiary data
OS_UO Osiris Ultimate Owners, Controlling Companies, and Controlling Listed Companies