WRDS Macros: Return Gap

This program is intended to replicate some of the results of the paper "Unobserved Actions of Mutual Funds" by Kacperzczyk, Sialm and Zheng (RFS, 2008). The authors developed the “Return Gap” measure as a means to capture the impact of unobserved actions by mutual fund managers on fund returns.


Return Gap is the difference between the reported fund return and the return on a portfolio that invests in the previously disclosed fund holdings. This concept is a good example to demonstrate the best practices of working both with Thomson-Reuters Mutual Fund Ownership database (formerly known as CDA/Spectrum) and CRSP MFDB, and using WRDS MFLinks to merge both databases.

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/* ********************************************************************************* */
/* ************** W R D S   R E S E A R C H   A P P L I C A T I O N S ************** */
/* ********************************************************************************* */
/* Summary   : Derive Mutual Fund Return Gap, using Holdings and Total Returns Data  */
/* Date      : January, 2010                                                         */
/* Authors   : Denys Glushkov and Rabih Moussawi                                     */
/* Details   : - Replicates Kacperzczyk, Sialm and Zheng (RFS, 2008) findings        */
/*             -  Thomson-Reuters Mutual Fund Holdings Data are used to compute      */
/*                hypothetical returns                                               */
/*             - CRSP Mutual Fund database is used to compute total returns, gross   */
/*                returns, expense, and total assets at the portfolio level          */
/*             - MFLinks provides the linking between Thomson and CRSP fund ids      */
/*             - The universe of domestic equity funds is defined following KSZ      */
/*                and Jochec (2009)                                                  */
/* ********************************************************************************* */
libname tfn "/wrds/tfn/sasdata/s12";
libname mfl "/wrds/mfl/sasdata";
libname ff  "/wrds/ff/sasdata";
/* Step 1.1. Specifying Options */
%let begdate = 01MAR1980;
%let enddate = 31DEC2008;
/* Step 1.2. Get CRSP Prices, Returns, and Adjustment Factors from MSF Dataset */
/* and align CRSP month-end dates */
data Price;
set crsp.msf (keep=permno date cfacpr cfacshr shrout prc ret);
by permno date;
where date between "&begdate"d and "&enddate"d;
DATE = INTNX('MONTH',date,0,'E');
P  = abs(prc)/cfacpr;
P_1= lag(P); if first.permno then P_1=.;
label TSO = "Total Shares Outstanding, Adjusted";
label P = "Price at t Period End, Adjusted";
label P_1 = "Price at (t-1), Adjusted";
if TSO>0; format TSO comma12.0 ret percentn8.2 prc: dollar12.3;
drop prc cfacpr shrout;
/* Step 1.3. Get report and vintage dates from Thomson-Reuters Mutual Fund Holdings */
/* Exclude Non-Equity Funds from Holdings data that is reported as of Fiscal Quarter End */
/* First, Keep First Vintage with Holdings Data for Each RDATE-FUNDNO */
proc sql;
create table First_Vint
as select distinct intnx("month",rdate,0,"E") as rdate format date9., fdate, fundno
from tfn.s12type1
where ("&begdate"d <= rdate <="&enddate"d and ioc not in (1,5,6,7))
group by fundno, intnx("month",rdate,0,"E")
having fdate=min(fdate) and max(rdate)=rdate
order by fundno, rdate desc;
/* Until 2003, funds were only required to disclose their holdings semi-annually  */
/* Approximately 60% of funds additionally report quarterly holdings              */
/* Use 6-Months as cut-off for portfolio holding period                           */
data First_Vint; set First_Vint;
by fundno descending rdate; format nrdate date9.;
nrdate = lag(rdate); if first.fundno then nrdate = intnx("month",rdate,6,"E");
nrdate = min(nrdate,intnx("month",rdate,6,"E"));
proc sort data=First_Vint nodupkey; by fundno fdate; run;
/* Step 1.4. Add WFICN portfolio identifiers from MFLINKS */
proc sql;
create table First_Vint
as select b.wficn, a.*
from First_Vint as a, mfl.mflink2 as b
where a.fundno=b.fundno and a.fdate between b.sdate1 and b.sdate2;
proc sort data=First_Vint nodupkey; by wficn rdate; run;
/* Step 1.5. Extract Holdings by Merging TR-MF S12type1 and S12type3 Sets */
proc sql;
create view Holdings  /* Add Holdings Data */
  as select a.rdate,a.nrdate,a.fdate,a.wficn,a.fundno,b.cusip,b.shares
  from First_Vint as a, tfn.s12type3 as b
  where a.fdate=b.fdate and a.fundno=b.fundno;
create view Holdings1 /* Map Holdings CUSIP to CRSP Unique Identifier PERMNO */
  as select a.rdate,a.nrdate,a.fdate,a.wficn,a.fundno,b.permno,a.shares
  from Holdings as a, (select distinct ncusip, permno from crsp.msenames
                       where not missing(ncusip)) as b
  where a.cusip=b.ncusip;
create table Holdings2 /* Adjust Shares on Vintage Dates */
  as select a.rdate, a.nrdate, a.wficn, a.fundno, a.permno,
      a.shares*b.cfacshr as shares_adj label = "Adjusted Shares Held"
  from Holdings1 as a, price as b
  where a.permno=b.permno and a.fdate=b.date;
/* Step 1.6. Add CRSP Market Data to Holdings: Populate Returns between 2 holding reports */
/* Use holding dollar value at (t-1) as weights for buy & hold portfolio returns */
proc sql;
Create table MF_Holdings
as select b.date, a.rdate, a.wficn, a.fundno, a.permno, a.shares_adj, b.ret,
  (a.shares_adj*b.P_1) as HVALUE_1 label="MF Holding $ Value at (t-1)"
from Holdings2 as a, price as b
where a.permno=b.permno and a.rdate < b.date <= a.nrdate;
/* Sanity Checks for Duplicates - Ultimately, Should be 0 Duplicates */
/* If No Errors, then Duplicates can be due to 2 historical CUSIPs */
/*    (Separate Holdings by Same Manager) mapping to the same permno */
proc sort data=MF_Holdings out=MF_Holdings nodupkey;
by wficn date rdate permno; where HVALUE_1>0;
/* Step 1.7. Calculate Assets and Holdings Returns, at the Portfolio Level */
proc means data=MF_Holdings noprint;
by wficn date;
weight HVALUE_1;
var ret;
output out=MF_PortRets (drop=_TYPE_ _FREQ_) N=NSTOCKS MEAN=HRET SUMWGT=Assets_1;
/* Exclude Funds that hold fewer than 10 stocks and manage less then $5 mil */
data MF_PortRets; set MF_PortRets; format HRET percentn8.4;
Assets_1=Assets_1/1000000; Assets = Assets_1*(1+HRET);
if Assets>=5 and Nstocks>=10;
label HRET = 'Value-Weighted Monthly Portfolio Holdings Return';
label Assets = "Mutual Fund Portfolio Assets at Month t, $Million";
label Assets_1= "Mutual Fund Portfolio Assets at Month (t-1), $Million";
label Nstocks = "Number of Stocks Held as of Month t";
/* Step 2.1. Extract CRSP Mutual Funds Performance and Characteristics */
/* Merge fraction of portfolio in equity assets with the objective code data */
proc sql;
create table Fund_Style
as select a.crsp_fundno, a.si_obj_cd, a.wbrger_obj_cd, a.policy, a.lipper_class, b.avrcs
from crsp.fund_style a left join (select distinct crsp_fundno, sum(per_com)/count(per_com) as avrcs
                                   from crsp.fund_summary group by crsp_fundno) b
on a.crsp_fundno=b.crsp_fundno;
/* Step 2.2. Sample Selection, focus on Domestic Equity Mutual Funds */
/* for which the holdings data are the most complete and reliable */
data Equity_Funds; set Fund_Style;
if not missing (Lipper_Class) and lipper_class not in ('EIEI','G','LCCE','LCGE','LCVE','MCCE',
   'MCGE','MCVE','MLCE','MLGE','MLVE','SCCE','SCGE','SCVE') then delete;
else if missing(Lipper_Class) then do;
 if  not missing(si_obj_cd) and si_obj_cd not in ('AGG','GMC','GRI','GRO','ING','SCG') then delete;
 else if missing(si_obj_cd) then do;
  if not missing (wbrger_obj_cd) and wbrger_obj_cd not in ('G','G-I','AGG','GCI','GRI','GRO','LTG',
     'MCG','SCG') then delete;
  else if missing(wbrger_obj_cd) then do;
    if not missing(policy) and policy ne 'CS' then delete;
     else if not missing(policy) and avrcs<80 then delete;
end; end; end;
keep crsp_fundno;
/* Step 2.3. Get CRSP Mutual Fund, Monthly Net Returns */
/* Net Returns include distributions (dividends and capital gains) */
/* and are net of total expenses (CRSP MFDB manual, page 6) */
proc sql;
 create table MF_TotRet
 as select a.date format date9.,a.crsp_fundno,a.mret,b.mtna
 from (select intnx("month",caldt,0,"e") as Date,crsp_fundno,mret
        from Crsp.Monthly_Returns where not missing(mret)) a,
      (select intnx("month",caldt,0,"e") as Date,crsp_fundno,mtna
          from Crsp.Monthly_Tna) b
      where a.date=b.date and a.crsp_fundno=b.crsp_fundno
      and a.crsp_fundno in (select distinct crsp_fundno from equity_funds)
      and a.date >= "&begdate"d;
/* Extracting and linking expense ratio data required to get Raw Return */
proc sql;
create table MF_TotRet
     as select a.*, b.exp_ratio
     from MF_TotRet as a left join Crsp.Fund_Fees as b
     on a.crsp_fundno=b.crsp_fundno and a.date between b.begdt and b.enddt
     order by crsp_fundno,date;
/* Step 2.4. Get Raw Total Portfolio Return by adding back expenses */
data MF_TotRet; set MF_TotRet;
by crsp_fundno date; retain TNA;
if exp_ratio = -99 then exp_ratio=.;
* Populate assets forward for gaps in asset reporting ;
if first.crsp_fundno or MTNA>0 then TNA=MTNA;
* Weight of Share Class in the Mutual Fund Portfolio;
PORTW = lag(TNA); if first.crsp_fundno then PORTW=TNA;
/* if missing weight, then assume $1million asset weight */
if missing(PORTW) then PORTW=1;
label MRET = "Monthly Returns, Net" RRET = "Monthly Returns, Raw";
label PORTW= "Mutual Fund Share Class Portfolio Weight, Lagged TNA";
format mret rret exp_ratio percentn8.4; drop MTNA;
/* Step 2.5. Merge with Portfolio Identifier from MFLINKS */
proc sql;
create table MF_TotRet
as select b.wficn, a.*
from MF_TotRet as a, mfl.mflink1 as b
where a.crsp_fundno=b.crsp_fundno and not missing(b.wficn)
order by wficn, date, crsp_fundno;
/* Step 2.6. Aggregate multiple share classes, use lagged TNA as weights */
/* Compute monthly net and raw returns, TNA and expense ratio at the portfolio level */
/* level for fund portfolios with multiple share classes */
proc sql;
create table MF_Port
as select wficn, date,sum(exp_ratio*portw)/sum(portw) as exp_ratio format percentn8.4,
    sum(tna) as mtna format dollar12.3, count(crsp_fundno) as nclass label='# of Share Classes',
    sum(mret*portw)/sum(portw) as mret format percentn8.4,
    sum(rret*portw)/sum(portw) as rret format percentn8.4
from MF_TotRet
group by wficn, date;
/* Step 3.1. Combining Hypothetical Holdings Returns with CRSP Total Returns */
data RetGap;
merge MF_PortRets(in=a) MF_Port(in=b);
by wficn date; if a and b;
RetGap = RRET - HRET;
format RETGAP MRET RRET HRET percentn8.4;
label RetGap="Return Gap";
/* Calculate average return gap over previous 12 months */
proc expand data=RetGap out=RetGap;
by wficn; id date;
convert retgap=retgap12m /transformout=(nomiss movave 12 trimleft 11);
/* Holdings are reported to the SEC and captured by Thomson with 3-month delay */
data RetGap; set RetGap; by wficn date; format retgap12m_4 percentn8.4;
if first.wficn then retgap12m_4=.;
/* Form Return Gap Portfolios based on deciles of average 12-month Return Gap */
/* Number of portfolios to form based on Return Gap Measure */
%let portn=10;
proc sort data=RetGap; by date;run;
proc rank data=Retgap out=RetGapRank groups=&portn;
by date; var retgap12m_4;
ranks RetGap_Port;
data RetGapRank;set RetGapRank; RetGap_Port=RetGap_Port+1;
proc sort data=RetGapRank; by date RetGap_Port;run;
/* Equal-weighted Return Gap Portfolios*/
proc means data=RetGapRank noprint;
where not missing(RetGap_Port);
by date RetGap_Port;
output out=RetGapPort mean(mret)=Port_Ret;
proc transpose data=RetGapPort out=RetGapPort (drop=_NAME_) prefix=port_;
by date; id RetGap_Port; var port_ret;
/* Merge in Risk Factors, KSZ (2008) use CAPM, FF and Carhart risk models */
proc sql;
 create table RetGapPort
      as select a.*, b.mktrf, b.smb, b.hml, b.umd, b.rf
      from RetGapPort a left join ff.factors_monthly b
      on a.date=intnx('month',b.dateff,0,'E');
/* Replicate Panel A of Figure 2 of (KSZ (2008), page 2396 */
/* Compute abnormal returns according to different risk models */
%macro Trading_Strategies;
data Reg; set RetGapPort;
where date between intnx('year',"&begdate"d,4,'b') and "&enddate"d;
%do k=1 %to &portn;
run; options nonotes;
%do k=1 %to &portn;
 proc reg data=Reg outest=m1 (keep=intercept) noprint; model port_&k=;
 proc reg data=Reg outest=m2 (keep=intercept) noprint; model abret_&k=;
 proc reg data=Reg outest=m3 (keep=intercept) noprint; model exret_&k=mktrf;
 proc reg data=Reg outest=m4 (keep=intercept) noprint; model exret_&k=mktrf smb hml;
 proc reg data=Reg outest=m5 (keep=intercept) noprint; model exret_&k=mktrf smb hml umd;
run; quit;
proc append base=MeanRaw   data=m1 force;
proc append base=MeanAbret data=m2 force;
proc append base=MeanCAPM  data=m3 force;
proc append base=MeanFF    data=m4 force;
proc append base=MeanFFM   data=m5 force;run;
proc sql; drop table m1,m2,m3,m4,m5; quit;
%end; options notes; %mend;
/* Combine abnormal returns across different risk-adjustment models */
data PlotRets; format RetGap_Port 3.; merge
 Meanraw (rename=(intercept=meanraw))
 Meanabret (rename=(intercept=meanabret))
 MeanCAPM (rename=(intercept=meanCAPM))
 MeanFF (rename=(intercept=meanFF))
 MeanFFM (rename=(intercept=meanFFM));
RetGap_Port +1;
format meanraw meanabret meanCAPM meanFF meanFFM percentn8.2;
label meanraw='Raw Return' meanabret='Excess Return' meanCAPM='CAPM Alpha'
meanFF='Fama-French Alpha' meanFFM='Carhart Alpha' RetGap_Port='Return Gap Portfolio';
proc datasets library=work nolist; delete mean: holdings: ret mf_:; run; quit;
/* Plot Abnormal returns across Return Gap-based portfolios */
options nodate orientation=landscape; ods pdf file='Return_Gap_Plot.pdf';
goptions device=pdfc; /* Plot Saved in Home Director */
%let vars=meanabret meanCAPM meanFF meanFFM;
axis1 label=(angle=90 "Abnormal Return Of Trading Strategy");
axis2 label=("Return Gap Portfolio");
symbol interpol=join w=3 l=1;
proc gplot data =PlotRets;
 Title "Abnormal Return of Return Gap Trading Strategy";
 Title2 "Sorting Based on the Return Gap ";
 plot (&vars)*RetGap_Port / overlay legend vaxis=axis1 haxis=axis2;
run;quit; ods pdf close;
/* End */
/* ********************************************************************************* */
/* *************  Material Copyright Wharton Research Data Services  *************** */
/* ****************************** All Rights Reserved ****************************** */
/* ********************************************************************************* */

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