WRDS Newsletter—October 2022

Latest News & Updates from Wharton Research Data Services

Video Learning Pathways for Instructors, Researchers, Information Professionals

Curated, guided, video resources increase student engagement and success with customized lessons using the most commonly used datasets, and search tools.

NEW - Intro to Web Queries—step-by-step instructions cover: adding filters, selecting variables, selecting output format, downloading data, accessing past queries.

Research Applications and Analytics Tools

Our applications and tools can serve as a starting point in your original research.

NEW - Textual Analysis—provides sample Python code for basic textual analysis in Finance and Accounting research.

NEW - Event Studies—ready-to-use methodology for running event studies.

WRDS-Developed Products

Targeted solutions that underpin research, reinforce learning, and enable discovery.

NEW - Enhanced WRDS SEC Filings Search—100+ additional SEC forms to search, Ability to filter your searches by company/registrant role/headquarters/form type, Intuitive search syntax, similar to other popular search engines.

NEW - WRDS European Short—all short positions reported under the EU236 Rule.

Linking Tools

Easily link tables between the most frequently-used databases.

NEW - People Link—connect people-related information across Compustat ExecuComp, BoardEx, CIQ People Intelligence, Refinitiv Insiders, and 2iQ.

Classroom by WRDS

Slide deck + activity can be completed prior to lectures or utilized as an introduction to the topic.

NEW - Tools on Bond Pricing

  • Binomial Pricing Mode
  • Intro to Black-Scholes Method
  • Using a Monte Carlo Simulation

Using WRDS more efficiently

Using WRDS more efficiently —step-by-step instructions in the interactive Jupyter format; share or adapt Notebooks, modifying the sample code to suit your needs.

  • Using Jupyter at WRDS
  • Search SEC Using Jupyter Notebook

New Data on WRDS

ESG Data on WRDS—data on environmental, social, and governance risks

Federal Judicial Center—FJC and WRDS partnered to provide a litigation database and linking for all federal Appeals, Bankruptcy, Criminal, and Civil suits

Audit Analytics Europe—audit data of public companies on European exchanges

Refinitiv Datastream—historic global time series data

Estimize—institutional-grade earnings estimates data

Make an Impact with your Research

WRDS tools map to Accreditation Standards
The Accreditation Landscape is a system of continuous improvement. Everything connects.

Increase paper citations and gain recognition
Have your researchers added their papers to the WRDS Research Paper Series?

WRDS Platform enhancements

Keyword Search produces more refined results, targeting the most relevant knowledge base articles, landing pages, and tools.

WRDS Cloud supports Python, R, and RStudio.

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