Best Paper Prize Awarded for Research on Gender Gap in Housing Returns

WRDS Best Paper Award winner highlights that key differences in returns between men and women stem from pricing and timing.

Philadelphia, PA (BusinessWire) — Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS), the leading business intelligence, data analytics, and research platform for corporate, academic and government institutions worldwide, is pleased to announce Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Assistant Professor of Finance and Kelly Shue, Professor of Finance at the Yale School of Management as winners of the Wharton-WRDS Best Paper Award at the Western Finance Association conference.

Using large datasets on housing transactions, the researchers provide documentation of gender imbalance around investment returns at a more granular level than previous research. Their paper, The Gender Gap in Housing Returns determines that single women experience lower annualized returns compared to single men.

Key points:

  • Key differences in returns between men and women stem from pricing and timing
  • Literature suggests ambiguity around the success of women taking an aggressive pricing approach to match men
  • Targeting analysis of pricing and timing around listing might reduce return differences

“WRDS is very pleased to acknowledge the work of Professors Shue and Goldsmith-Pinkham,” said Robert Zarazowski, Managing Director of WRDS. “Understanding differences in market returns for specific investors is key to understanding appropriate interventions aimed at ensuring an equal playing field. We congratulate the researchers for advancing important knowledge in housing research.”

“We are grateful to WRDS for this Best Paper Award,” said Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham. “It is always exciting be have our work recognized, and to be able to share our findings with the WRDS-SSRN community.”

The paper received coverage in The Economist, NPR, CNBC, and Barrons.

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