Evolution of Data presented by WRDS during IEX Conference

Academic trends were featured by WRDS Senior Research Director, Luis Palacios, during the Fall conference.

IEX Academic Research Conference (ARC) brought together market structure researchers and market participants for a day of discussion and ideation around breakthrough equity market structure research – research that is made possible given access to and understanding of market data. The IEX academic conference is fully centered on the theme of market data and its importance for academic research.

Luis Palacios holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Cornell University and a bachelor's degree in economics from Universidad del Pacifico (Lima-Peru). He has been working for WRDS since 2002. His area of expertise and interest is on procedures for portfolio construction, mutual funds, and equity options. Before joining WRDS, Luis was a principal in the Central Bank of Peru. Luis’s scholarly research papers can be found on SSRN.