CRSP Stock Database Structure

Explore CRSP’s stock database and find out why it is relied on by researchers across the globe.

Topics covered in this overview include:

  • Types of Updates
  • Time Series vs Event Files
  • How to Merge the files

Data contained within the CRSP U.S. Stock database:

  • Price and quote data (e.g. Open, close, bid/low, ask/high, trade-only).
  • Holding period returns with and without dividends.
  • Excess returns and other derived data items.
  • Market capitalization.
  • Shares outstanding.
  • Trading volume.
  • Security delisting information.
  • Corporate actions.
  • Identifiers, descriptors, and supplemental data items.

CRSP's rigorous analysis for accuracy and unique research source is characterized by its unmatched breadth, depth, and completeness — providing unique permanent identifiers backtesting, time series and event studies, and measurement of performance.