WRDS Venture Capital, Covering Private Placements and Issuance

WRDS Venture Capital data, accessible through the WRDS SEC Suite, adds data on venture capital and other private issuance

WRDS Venture Capital consists of 6 datasets (Form D, Form D relationships, Form C, Form 1-A, 1-Z, and 1-K), each covering a different facet of private capital raises in the United States. In total, WRDS Venture Capital data covers a substantial portion of all public filings related to private capital issuance in the United States. These databases offer academics an avenue of exploring venture capital, as well as other issuance and private investments, using data from relevant public filings. These data cover everything from offering amounts and descriptions, to other agents involved in offerings, to private firm fundamentals. Coverage begins in January 2002 for the earliest dataset, with complete coverage across all datasets beginning in December 2017.