Changes to Refinitiv SDC Platinum

WRDS has been notified by Refinitiv that the SDC Platinum desktop application will be no longer be available effective December 2023. This follows a similar change to the Datastream desktop application not long ago and aligns with their focus on their modern platforms, Refinitiv Workspaces and Eikon.

WRDS carries the core components of SDC: Mergers & Acquisition and New Issues. We expect to add additional components including Private Equity, Joint Ventures, and Municipal Bonds in the coming months. SDC Platinum, like the Datastream application, combined fields from many different databases behind the scenes. These platforms did not clearly distinguish the sources of data like the vendor does with data feeds via WRDS. Researchers on WRDS may want to use additional financials from Worldscope, pricing from Datastream, or loan data from Dealscan to complete their analysis.

Please contact us or your Refinitiv account manager with any questions or concerns.