Now Available: Enhanced News and Data Analytics by RavenPack

Expand the scope and depth of your research with events from news, sentiment analysis, and media attention.

RavenPack analyzes unstructured content from thousands of publications to extract information on entities with sentiment, and financially-relevant events. Access the most detailed coverage of corporate, economic, societal, environment and political events.

  • Uncover correlations, patterns, relevance and influences in time series using quantitative models across an unprecedented breadth of topics
  • Explore point-in-time records augmented with sentiment and media attention scores that let you study events as they unfolded
  • 60,000+ products across 20+ years of historical data
  • 25,000+ global sources from premium news providers, regulatory and press wires, to thousands of online publications
  • 300,000+ entities referenced including • 90,000+ global, public and private companies across all sectors • 160,000+ macro entities such as places, currencies, persons, and organizations • 60,000+ products, brands and services
  • 7,000+ key business, geopolitical and macro-economic events detected and enriched with sentiment and relevance scores

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