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Revelio Labs is the most comprehensive workforce database. By collecting and aggregating all publicly available professional profiles, job postings, and employee sentiment reviews, Revelio Labs provides the largest and most dynamic workforce database.

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Harness this database to view workforce dynamics and trends of any organization.
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Explore, Understand, and Track the World’s Workforce

  • Access hundreds of millions of public employment records for data-driven analysis of any company. 
  • Track how technology is impacting the workforce, identify skill gaps, hotspots, and how the occupational landscape is transforming. 
  • Assess workforce data at a city and state level to understand changes in compensation for all roles and activities.
  • Global coverage from 2007 enables researchers to explore, understand, and track the world’s workforce.

Research Using Revelio Labs Data
Diversity Washing
Employee Turnover and Firm Performance: Large Sample Archival Evidence
Decentralized Banking in Mortgage Market: Evidence from Branch Manager's Past Experience