Advance your Research with Refinitiv Datastream and ESG

Access even more best-in-class data to uncover trends, test your ideas and advance your research.


Enhance your understanding of economic cycles, uncover trends and test and generate hypotheses to develop viewpoints.

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• 70+ years of information in 175 countries across a mix of key asset classes
• Explore details of relationships between data series; perform correlation and relationship analysis; test investment and trading ideas; and research countries, regions and sector
• Analyze using the complete picture to better understand economic cycles to uncover trends, and forecast market conditions.
• History from 1950s for G7, 1970s major markets, 1980s smaller countries

ESG Data

Issues such as climate change, diversity, human rights, business ethics, and corporate governance are at the forefront of public and political attention.

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• Conduct in-depth assessments of how companies are performing across a range of underlying environmental, social and governance themes
• Screen for ESG mandates and company-specific metrics
• Monitor carbon footprint for regulatory requirements
• Transparent ESG data and scores for 10,000+ companies, across 76 countries
• 450+ active ESG data points: 115 environmental, 160+ social, 190+ governance
• History dating back to 2002

Research with Refinitiv Datastream and ESG data

Common Risk Factors in International Stock Markets, P. Schmidt (University of Zurich), U. von Arx (University of Zurich), A. Schrimpf (Bank for International Settlements (BIS)), A. Wagner (University of Zurich), A. Ziegler (University of Kassel)

Why Does Stock Market Volatility Differ Across Countries? Evidence from Thirty-Seven
International Markets, X. Xing (University of Alabama at Huntsville)

The Gender Pay Gap and your Investment Strategies, Refinitiv

Sustainability trends and the automotive industry: Truckification and Electrification, Refinitiv


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