Empirically analyze analysts’ forecasts and their revisions, price targets and recommendations (e.g., construct popular measures such as consensus forecast, earnings surprises, analyst track records).

Zacks Investment Research, based in Chicago, IL., has been a leading provider of research, market data, and quantitative models to institutional investment management firms in the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years.

Recognized for quality, consistency and reliability, Zacks provides institutional and individual investors with the analytical tools and financial information necessary to the success of their investment process. Founded in 1978, Zacks’ early contribution to investment analysis was the discovery that earnings per share estimate revisions are the most powerful force affecting stock prices. This discovery is built into the Zacks Rank proprietary methodology for predicting stock price performance. The Zacks Rank has produced average annual returns in excess of 28% since 1988. The premier source of analysts’ earnings forecasts, today Zacks produces feeds for estimates, ratings, earnings report data, fundamental data, and institutional holdings for US and Canadian traded equities, as well as investment research reports and research software tools for investors.

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