Access the industry’s most comprehensive private market data sets.

Preqin is the home of alternative assets data, with almost 50 years of data coverage.

  • 51,817+ Firms Monitored
  • 152,000+ Funds
  • 39,000+ Open Funds
  • 22,000+ Investors Monitored
  • 48,000+ Funds with Performance
  • 637,000+ Deals and Exits

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Preqin, the Home of Alternatives™, empowers financial professionals who invest in or allocate to alternatives with essential data and insight to make confident decisions. It supports them throughout the entire investment lifecycle with critical information and leading analytics solutions. The company has pioneered rigorous methods of collecting private data for almost 20 years, enabling more than 200,000 professionals globally to streamline how they raise capital, source deals and investments, understand performance, and stay informed.

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preqin_cashflow Preqin fund cashflows (contributions and distributions)

Data updated quarterly.

preqin_deals Preqin venture capital and buyout deals

Data updated quarterly.

preqin_gp Preqin fund managers (GPs), funds, performance, benchmarks, and anonymised terms

Data updated quarterly.

preqin_pe Preqin - Private Equity

Last updated January 12th, 2023. Data update frequency is not defined.

preqin_vc Preqin - Venture Capital

Last updated January 12th, 2023. Data update frequency is not defined.

preqsamp_all Preqin Trial Sample

Data update frequency is not defined.