IHS Markit is a leading, global financial information services company with over 15,000 employees. The company provides independent data, valuations and trade processing across all asset classes in order to enhance transparency, reduce risk and improve operational efficiency. Its client base includes the most significant institutional participants in the financial marketplace.

Markit Securities Finance Data
Gain insight into the market of security lending — valuable tool for understanding market efficiency and limits to arbitrage

Markit Credit Indices data
Global credit default swap indices covering loans, corporate, municipal and sovereign debt across Europe, Asia, North America and Emerging Markets

Markit CDS data
Used by more than 300 firms for mark-to-market, Markit provides high quality CDS pricing data including CDS composite and contributor level data on approximately 3,000 individual entities. Markit receives contributed CDS data from market makers from their official books and records.

Markit RED
Markit RED is the central source of CDS reference data; enabling counterparties to rapidly agree on transactions and to have confidence in the integrity of the underlying reference data. Markit RED CDS provides verified reference data to the credit derivatives market. Confirming CDS trades with accurate data is essential for managing risk and maintaining operational efficiency in the market.

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Product Description
markit_cds Markit Credit Default Swap
markit_cdxcomps Markit CDX (Credit Indices) Composites
markit_cdxconst Markit CDX (Credit Indices) Constituents
markit_itraxxascomps Markit iTraxx Asian Composites
markit_itraxxasconst Markit iTraxx Asian Constituents
markit_itraxxeucomps Markit iTraxx European Composites
markit_itraxxeuconst Markit iTraxx European Constituents
markit_itraxxsocomps Markit iTraxx SovX Composites
markit_itraxxsoconst Markit iTraxx SovX Constituents
markit_msf_analytics_bonds Markit Securities Finance - Analytics - Bonds
markit_msf_analytics_eqty_amer Markit Securities Finance - Analytics - Equity - America
markit_msf_analytics_eqty_asia Markit Securities Finance - Analytics - Equity - Asia
markit_msf_analytics_eqty_euro Markit Securities Finance - Analytics - Equity - Europe
markit_msf_analytics_eqty_other Markit Securities Finance - Analytics - Equity - Other
markit_msf_inst_bonds Markit Securities Finance - Institutional - Bonds
markit_msf_inst_eqty_amer Markit Securities Finance - Institutional - Equity - America
markit_msf_inst_eqty_asia Markit Securities Finance - Institutional - Equity - Asia
markit_msf_inst_eqty_euro Markit Securities Finance - Institutional - Equity - Europe
markit_msf_inst_eqty_other Markit Securities Finance - Institutional - Equity - Other
markit_red Markit Reference Identity Database
mrktsamp_cds Markit Credit Default Swap Sample
mrktsamp_cdx Markit Credit Indices (CDX) Trial
mrktsamp_msf Markit Securities Finance (MSF) Trial


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