ISS (formerly RiskMetrics)

Access the ISS Incentive Lab, Historical Governance, Historical Directors data, Voting Results data, Voting Analytics with N-PX data, and Shareholder Proposal data.

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Legacy Data Dictionary


Product Description
iss_incentive_lab ISS Incentive Lab
iss_incentive_lab_europe ISS Incentive Lab - Europe
iss_issrecs ISS Voting Analytics - ISS Recommendations Add-on
iss_va_mf ISS Voting Analytics - Mutual Fund Vote Records
iss_va_shareholder ISS Voting Analytics - Shareholder Proposals
iss_va_vote_global ISS Voting Analytics - Company Vote Results Global
iss_va_vote_us ISS Voting Analytics - Company Vote Results US
risk_directors ISS (formerly RiskMetrics) Directors Data
risk_governance ISS (formerly RiskMetrics) Corporate Takeover Defence and Governance Data
risk_proposals ISS (formerly RiskMetrics) Shareholder Proposals (Legacy)
risksamp_all ISS (formerly RiskMetrics) Trial / Sample Subsets
risk_votes ISS (formerly RiskMetrics) Voting Results (Legacy)


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