Comscore data available through WRDS represents a sample of US internet users’ internet browsing behavior, purchases, and demographics. Specifically, it is a subset of the opt-in panel data used to inform Media Metrix—Comscore’s premier audience measurement product.

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Legacy Data Dictionary


Product Description
comscore_2002 Comscore 2002
comscore_2004 Comscore 2004
comscore_2006 Comscore 2006
comscore_2007 Comscore 2007
comscore_2008 Comscore 2008
comscore_2009 Comscore 2009
comscore_2010 Comscore 2010
comscore_2011 Comscore 2011
comscore_2012 Comscore 2012
comscore_2013 Comscore 2013
comscore_2014 Comscore 2014
comscore_2015 Comscore 2015
comscore_2016 Comscore 2016
comscore_2017 Comscore 2017
comscore_2018 Comscore 2018
comscore_2019 Comscore 2019


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