China Stock Market & Accounting Research (CSMAR)

The China Stock Market & Accounting Research (CSMAR) Database offer data on the China stock markets and the financial statements of China’s listed companies.

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Legacy Data Dictionary


Product Description
csmar_af CSMAR Analyst Forecast
csmar_cd CSMAR Cash and Stock Dividends
csmar_cg CSMAR Corporate Governance
csmar_closedfunds Chinese Stock Market Database - Closed-end Funds
csmar_colc CSMAR Overseas Listed Company
csmar_financial Chinese Stock Market Database - Financials
csmar_funds Chinese Stock Market Database - Funds
csmar_hld CSMAR Shareholders
csmar_ini CSMAR Institutional Investor
csmar_ipo_a CSMAR Initial Public Offering (A Shares)
csmar_ma CSMAR M&A and Asset Restructuring Data
csmar_openfunds Chinese Stock Market Database - Open-end Funds
csmar_rs CSMAR Seasoned Equity Offering
csmar_trade Chinese Stock Market Database - Trades
csmsamp_all CSMAR Sample / Trial


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