Bureau van Dijk (BvD)

Bureau van Dijk is widely recognized as a specialist provider of both public and hard to reach private company information within the academic community.

  • Orbis – Access information on 40,700 banks (28,000 US and 12,700 Non-US).
  • Amadeus – European public and private company information
  • Osiris – Listed and major unlisted/delisted companies globally

*Please note: Bankscope data will no longer be available for purchase.

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Legacy Data Dictionary


Product Description
bvd_amadeus_trial BvD Amadeus Trial
bvd_ama_large BvD Amadeus Large Companies
bvd_ama_medium BvD Amadeus Medium Companies
bvd_ama_small BvD Amadeus Small Companies
bvd_ama_verylarge BvD Amadeus Very Large Companies
bvd_bankscope_trial None
bvd_bvdbankf BvD Orbis Bank Focus
bvd_bvdbankf_trial BvD Bank Focus Trial
bvd_legacy BvD Legacy Products
bvd_orbis_large BvD Orbis Very Large and Large Companies
bvd_orbis_medium BvD Orbis Medium Companies
bvd_orbis_small BvD Orbis Small Companies
bvd_orbis_trial BvD Orbis Sample
bvd_osiris BvD Osiris


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