American Hospital Association

The American Hospital Association’s Annual Survey is the gold standard database on US hospitals and their characteristics. AHA is known for its extensive coverage and quality of its data. WRDS carries more than 40 years of their hospital data, and our data coverage will grow annually as we add the most current survey.

WRDS carries 3 databases from AHA:

  • Annual Survey Database (ASDB)
  • Financial Data sourced from CMS' HCRIS database and linked to the ASDB
  • IT Healthcare Database

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Product Description
aha_annual_survey_3years AHA Annual Survey (3 Years)
aha_annual_survey_hist AHA Annual Survey History (30+ years)
aha_annual_survey_recent AHA Annual Survey (Recent 10+ years)
aha_hcris_3years Financial Database (3 Years)
aha_hcris_recent Financial Database (Recent 10+ years)
aha_it_survey_3years AHA IT Survey (3 Years)
aha_it_survey_recent AHA IT Survey (Recent 10+ years)
aha_sample AHA Trial / Sample


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