Utilizing WRDS in the Classroom

Explore how WRDS helps you create a more compelling remote learning environment.

Data, Analytics, Research, and Technology


Regardless of whether your course is face-to-face, online-only, or blended, WRDS is dedicated to supporting the learning experience for your students. WRDS provides resources for teaching that enable students to use data interactively in order to make real-world connections. By contacting your institution's WRDS representative you can easily set up a class account so your students can download data for course assignments. Some examples of how WRDS data can be used to help support instruction are to:

  • Create case studies and simulations
  • Perform regression analysis
  • Solve optimization problems
  • Make future predictions based on past behavior

We took note of professors using WRDS data in the classroom, and specifically designed a set of visually compelling tools to address this need. These tools can be used as core components of your curriculum, for self-guided lessons or assignments, or for classroom demonstrations.

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WRDS Classroom

What are you teaching this semester? How can we help?
WRDS Classroom is our teaching and learning toolkit designed to introduce finance and business concepts through interactive applications and simulations. Each teaching tool contains three components:

  • Teaching notes offers professors an overview of learning outcomes
  • PowerPoint slides provide students context and instruction for the assignment
  • Link to an interactive application/web query is valuable for individual use, classroom demonstration, or group lab session and promotes hands-on, practical instruction

These tools cover topics such as investments, accounting, and macroeconomics, and provide you with a framework for introducing key business concepts to learners of all levels.

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Syllabi as Pathways


Use our sample syllabi to map the right classroom tool to the appropriate place in your curriculum. These sample syllabi arrange the tools into a recommended sequence based on well-known textbooks in the field.

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Introduction to WRDS

getting started

Recognizing that most students will be new to using WRDS, we have created a set of teaching tools that specifically address how to get started.

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