Supporting WRDS in the Library

A guide to help you meet the needs of your faculty, students, and researchers.

Using Data, Analytics, Research, and Technology

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Researchers WRDS Applications

Improve accessibility to your library or computer lab's WRDS data with the following resources designed for both beginner and advanced users.

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Supporting New Users

getting started

The exercise for PC-SAS requires the use of a PC with a SAS installation.

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Video Tutorials on Data

Users can take a guided tour through our datasets using video learning. This example introduces the popular Compustat product.

The Additional Video Tutorials link takes you to the larger repository housing all of our video tutorials.

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Supporting Programmers

Many users will choose access through our query forms, as described in Getting Started. However, some members of your organization will want to access and manipulate WRDS data using programming languages such as SAS, Python, R, MATLAB, and Stata. We have created a series of step-by-step guides for the more popular languages, detailing how to access the data using:

  • Personal computers
  • The Web
  • The WRDS Cloud

Recently, we've added instructions for JupyterHub and RStudio Server. This link takes you to all our programming documentation, including how WRDS data is structured in PostgreSQL.

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IP-Authenticated Library and Lab Access

WRDS currently restricts IP-authenticated access to computers controlled by your institution’s IT department (for example, within your institution’s library or computer labs), or sessions connected through your institution's proxy server. These restrictions are in place to keep access to proper users, as opposed to the general public. However, as the IT organizations' needs within each of our subscribing institutions may differ, we are able to provide options--such as having you provide us with a range of IPs for your institution-controlled terminals.

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Supporting Researchers: Analytics


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Supporting Instructors: WRDS Classroom

Your institution's faculty may be interested in using WRDS to introduce business, accounting, and macroeconomic concepts in the classroom. We've designed a set of visually compelling tools to address this need.

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