HEALTHBASE: The Industry's Most Accurate and Intelligent Affiliations Platform

Jointly developed by Compile and Decision Resources Group, Healthbase is the most comprehensive, accurate and linked dataset of US healthcare facilities and prescribers. Custom-built using proprietary claims intelligence, public datasets, and deep web data, Healthbase gives an unparalleled view of the entire healthcare network. From individual prescribers up through to the most elaborate Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Healthbase dynamically maps the profile along with affiliations type and strength. Get more from your commercial spend using the most advanced HCO and HCP intelligence available today.


Product Description
hbase_hcp Healthbase - Health Care Providers and Facilities only
hbase_hs_premium Healthbase - Health System Premium
hbase_hs_standard Healthbase - Health System Standard - with providers, facilities
hbase_sample Healthbase Trial / Sample Data


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